2000: Born in the Aveyron region of France, after completing his apprenticeship Master Chef Cyril Lignac moved to Paris, where he began working at the Arpège alongside Alain Passard.

2001: He has been asked by the Pourcel brothers to come and work in their 3-star rated restaurant,  Le Jardin des Sens in Montpellier, then at La Compagnie des Comptoirs and La Maison Blanche in Paris.

2002: He joined up with Pastry Chef Pierre Hermé and was then appointed to work at the star-rated La Grande Cascade by Master Chef Alain Ducasse.

2004: He took over at the head of the kitchens in Parisian restaurant La Suite.

It was in this restaurant that one loyal patron persuaded him to take part in his first TV programme, “Oui Chef”, broadcast on M6. His love for his job and his success on television gave him the chance to open his own restaurant. A few years later he was voted the country’s “Favourite Chef”, due in no small way to his engaging personality.

2005: He opened his own gourmet restaurant, Le Quinzième, where he elaborates on traditional French cooking by way of a very contemporary vision. He develops his creativity around noble produce and gormand dishes.

2008: He took the adventure one step further, taking over the Chardenoux bistro, these days listed as an historical monument. Here, he gives a new modern feel to country recipes which remind him very much of his early days in cooking, cuisine that smacks of sincerity and authenticity.

2011 : Following the success of Chardenoux, Chef Cyril Lignac offers cuisine bistro in Saint Germain area in a place full of history which he renamed the Chardenoux des Pres. The same year, he opened La Pâtisserie in collaboration with former Fauchon Pastry Chef, Benoit Couvrand.

2012 : Cyril Lignac received his first Michelin star for his gourmet restaurant Le Quinzième. At the same time, GQ Magazine recognized his entrepreneurial spirit and his talent for sharing simple pleasures when they named him “Chef of the Year”. 

2013 : Chef Cyril Lignac follows his sweet journey by opening a new pastry shop in Paris.