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Niçois lemon slice
With creamy lemon pickle, a fine biscuit with nuts from Piedmont
Bittersweet peppermint sirbet
Morel Mushrooms from the Ardennes
cooked in yellow wine, soft egg,
an emulsion of Fort Saint Antoine Comté cheese
Sole petit bateau
slowly baked in yellow wine,
girolles mushrooms cooked with flakes of hazel nut 
Duck foie gras from Les Landes
a scallop of foie gras panned with Sancho berries,
in a light stock of scampi with verbena and galanga
a light Alpaco chocolate cream
soft biscuit, chocolate sorbet and Tonka bean
Raspberries from the Loire valley
a light cream and candied raspberry in a chocolate case
iced choux with Bourbon vanilla 
Araguani chocolate soufflé, caramelized hazel nuts
Bourbon vanilla ice cream and tonka bean